B Kids

Four kids that like to smile for the camera, and look treating doing it. Makes my job easy! 


The S Family

Looking at these pictures is making me miss the gorgeous Virginia spring nights. These three kids did an awesome job and I loved getting in one last chance to hang out with the S family. Talk about a picture perfect session to end my time in Virginia!


The W Family

After moving to Texas this summer, I am finally getting around to updating this blog with a few of my final Virginia sessions. This family is adorable and those kids got so many comments walking around UVa's campus. I sure miss you guys!



The M Family

Picture perfect. That's all I can say. The weather, the business school, the colors, the family- I loved how these turned out, and I loved capturing this stage of life at the business school for the M family. With my third to last photo shoot in Virginia, I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.


The J Family... again!

These guys  are back. For some reason, every time I take pictures of them it's a perfectly magical Virginia night. It felt straight out of a story book at this location. Plus, they are a loving family and wonderful friends. Thank you J Family, for making the trek back to Charlottesville so the camera and I could spend one more evening with you!


Handsome J

Check out this little guy- I may or may not have asked to keep him. He was an absolute sleepy angel and I could have taken pictures of him all day. I loved seeing how much joy he has brought to his family. He will definitely be well taken care of by his two big sisters! Welcome, little j!

My Own Little L&B

These little kiddies have my heart. What a joy it is to be their mom.